Our Enforcement division provides a full range of professional Law Enforcement Services to the entire 674 square miles of Phelps County.

Our Corrections division provides a full range of professional Correctional Enforcement Services to 130-140 inmates housed daily in PCSD.

Our Civilian division provides a full range of professional administrative services to ensure the day to day operation of PCSD.​

Sheriff Rick Lisenbe

Captain Rick Hope

Criminal Investigations

Sergeant George Arnold

Sergeant Carmelo Crivello

Detective Scott Jarrett

Detective Shawn Hedge

Road Deputies

Corporal Mike Kirn - Road Supervisor

Squad One

Sergeant Paul Lambert

Corporal John Scott

Deputy Michael Manly

Deputy Brock Johnson

Deputy Jason Rigsby

Deputy Tracy Hughes

Squad Two

Sergeant Jamie Arnold

Corporal Glenn Suschanke

Deputy Mitchell Wofford

Deputy Tony Pezzuti

Deputy Chris Finch

Deputy Neil Boshoff

Civil Service

Deputy Jimmy Dale Williams

Deputy Laura Davis - D.A.R.E.


Detective Andy Davis

Deputy Jeremy Brown

Deputy Roy Bell

Deputy Shane Stark

Deputy Steve Chase

Lorri Thurman - Administration

Shannon Chase - Records

Brenda Riley - Jail Administration

Information Specialist

Laura Johnson - Supervisor

Brenda Schuler - TAC/ Assistant Supervisor

Elizabeth Guzior - Assistant Supervisor

Tate Greer

Jerrie Thomen

Jeremy Gamache



Brad McBride

Butch Lucas

Garry Newton

Lieutenant Matt Shults


Squad One

Sergeant Taylor

Corporal Lorts

Jailer M. Jackson

Jailer T. Grisham

Jailer T. Edwards

Jailer R. Pollard

Jailer C. West

Squad Two

Sergeant Byars

Corporal Robbins

Jailer S. Hull

Jailer D. Bell

Jailer A. Asberry

Jailer J. Machino

Jailer J. Bramer

Squad Three

Sergeant Glenn

Corporal Anderson

Jailer B. Black

Jailer J. Jones - Reserve Deputy

Jailer D. Melton - Reserve Deputy

Squad Four

Sergeant Dowdy

Corporal Edgar

Jailer B. Lunceford - Reserve Deputy

Jailer K. Jones

Jailer J. Durham


Sergeant Larry Brown

Corporal Richard Spadoni

Deputy Charles Watson

Deputy Duane Gray

The Phelps County Sheriff's Department also has a professionally trained Warrant Service Team with various members of our Enforcement Division serving within the unit.


The presence of a highly trained warrant team has been proven to substantially reduce the risk of injury and loss of life to citizens, police personnel, and suspects, when called upon to assist in the resolution of high-risk arrest warrants and search warrants. It is the intent of the Phelps County Sheriff's Department to have such a unit as a tactical resource. 

The primary responsibility of the Warrant Team will be the service of Search Warrants and High Risk Arrest Warrants through the use of developed skills, tactics, and specialized equipment/capabilities.