​How do I check for sex offenders online?

Click on the link below to go to the Missouri State Highway Patrol Sex Offender Registry


I want to get my CCW(concealed carry weapons), what do I need to do?

You will first need to take a Concealed Carry Course with an approved instructor.  

After that they should provide you with Paperwork to bring into the PCSD for processing.(You will also need to bring your Missouri Issued Identification)

The hours for all NEW CCW applications will be Monday-Friday 7:30PM until 5:00AM and Saturday 5:00AM to Monday 5:00AM.

The cost for the fingerprinting and background investigation will be $100 USD(Due at time of submission of paperwork) *WAIT TIME SUBJECT TO JAIL ACITIVTY*

The background can take up to 45 days, when it is complete and the Sheriff approves your Permit you will be notified via phone.

I need to get an ATV Permit, what do I need to do?

​You will need to bring your proof of ownership of the ATV and proof of insurance on the ATV to the Sheriff's Department.

The cost is $15 USD(Due at time of submission of paperwork)

It is valid for one calendar year(January 1 to December 31) of the year you purchase the permit.

There is NO Prorated price for this due to the cost of the registration and the sticker.

I live in Phelps County and I am going on vacation, can I have a Deputy check my residence?

Yes, please contact us and request an extra patrol of your residence. We will have our Deputies make extra patrols of your area to ensure its safety.

I have an Animal problem, can I contact the Sheriff's Department for that?

Unfortunately at this time we do not have any Animal Control Deputies nor does the county have animal ordinances. You can contact Missouri Conservation at this link http://mdc.mo.gov/regional-contacts?county=81 for any questions.

I sometimes see City Police units in the county or County units in the City, why is that?

The Sheriff in any county has the ability to Commission Municipal/City Officers within their county to aide in investigations. There are times that direct requests for mutual aid are made and Municipal/City units are able to assist us in a variety of roles. When you see a County unit in any city within Phelps County please note that we have jurisdiction anywhere in Phelps County to enforce any State of Missouri Law. One other consideration is that the Officer/Deputy may live outside of their jurisdiction but have a take home car.

Who do I need to get in contact with about the Shop with a Cop Program for participation and/or donations?

Detective Andy Davis would be the point of contact for this great program, he can be reached at andy.davis@phelpscountysheriff.org

Where can I get up-to-date news on the current weather conditions online?

Click on the link below to go to MODOT's traffic conditions page.


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