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Inmate Orienation

Jail Rules and Regulations for Inmate Visitation


I.  VISITS: Visitation in Phelps County Jail is conducted via video through HomeWAV.  Remote visitation is available to friends and 

family members of persons incarcerated within the Phelps County Jail or the Annex.  On-site visitation is available at no charge, via the HomeWAV visitation kiosks.  Visitation must be set up and approved 24 hour prior to the day and time you wish to visit on-stie.  Hours available on-site are; Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between 6:00am and 6:00pm.  You can visit; or use one of our visitation kiosks located in the visitation room.  The cost for remote video visitation is $.25/minute.  On-site visitation is at no cost.


II.  INMATE PROPERTY: The ONLY items we accept during scheduled visitation times are:

1.    Eyewear (Contact, glasses, or solution) MUST BE NEW AND IN AN UNOPENED CONTAINER

2.    Oral aids (dentures, denture cream, and denture sanitizer) MUST BE IN AN UNOPENED CONTAINER

3.    One soft back Bible, Koran, or religious text NO LEATHER BOUND OR RICE PAPER

4.    Prescription medications as long as they are in the correctly labeled prescription bottles.


ONLY DURING THE FIRST 12 HOURS OF INCARCERATION may you bring white underwear, white t-shirts (no tank tops), white socks, and for females white wireless sports bra. The garments need to be PLAIN white in new, UNOPENED packages of NO MORE than 3. We also accept any prescription medications in the prescription bottles as long as labeled correctly. Medication approval or denial is up to the medical staff. After the first 12 hours of incarceration, items can be purchased from the commissary, or if the inmate is on indigent status, we will provide the items to them. Commissary is ordered on Tuesdays and delivered on Saturdays. If you live more than 2 hours away from PCSD you have 24 hours to bring the above listed items.

**After an inmate is released from our custody, their property and commissary will only be held for 7 days. 

III.  MAIL: Mail is received and delivered Monday through Saturday with the exception of holidays. Inmates receive Post cards no bigger than size 5x7 (NO LETTERS ACCEPTED) at the following address:


                        Inmates Full Name (First and Last)

                        Phelps County Jail

                        Inmates designated pod Letter (POD ??)

                        500 West 2nd Street

                        Rolla MO 65401

IV.  PHONE: To get the block removed from your home phone call:

Securus Technologies  1-800-844-6591


V.  INMATE INFORMATION:  To get information about visitation times, inmate charges and bond information or to leave a voice message for an inmate (fees will apply) you can call 1-573-202-6476.  If at any time you need additional assistance, you can press "0" to reach an operator. 

Additional Information

​We DO NOT release Medications to anyone except the inmate.

We DO NOT discuss transport dates for the safety of the transport.

For online access to add money to an inmates account please visit or call 1-866-345-1884(Access Corrections)

Please visit for information on our Telephone Services

Money WILL ONLY be released to the inmate

If transported to another facility inmates money will transfer with them.

Charge information WILL NOT be released if the inmate is on a 24 hour hold

What happens when someone is arrested and brought to the Phelps County Jail?

When someone is arrested and brought to the Phelps County Jail, they are first brought to the booking room. In the booking room, the person is processed in to the Phelps County Jail. This process can take up to 45 minutes, during which time the person's information is put in to a computer, is classified by his/her current and past charges, photo taken and fingerprinted. During this time, They are able to make one free local phone call to try to bond out or notify others that they have been arrested.  During the classification, persons are evaluated on the nature of their current and past crimes and are classified as minimum, medium or maximum for housing.

Dropping off or picking up items.

When someone is brought in to the Phelps County Jail, they have 12 hours to have someone bring in 3 pairs of white socks, 3 pair of white underwear, 3 white bras (no metal wire) for females and 3 pair of white t-shirts. These items must be new and still in the package. Everything else must be purchased from commissary. If an inmate has been sentenced to the State Department of Corrections, they may choose to release their property early and have a designated person pick up any personal items. After release, the inmate has 7 working days to have his/her personal property picked up from the jail or the items will be donated to a charitable organization. No property will be released during visitation times.

Inmate Accounts

Inmates have a money account at the Phelps County Jail. Cash that is brought in from initial arrest are placed on the inmates account. Inmates are able to use this account to purchase items from commissary. If the inmate has any money left on their account after they leave, and they are released during business hour M-F, a debit card will be issued to them.  If release after business hours M-F or on a weekend, their money will be mailed to the address that the inmate gave during the booking procedure on the next business day.


PREA Hotline: 1-816-858-3484


500 West 2nd Street

Rolla, MO 65401


(573) 426-3860


(573) 426-3857

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